About us

Herbs in ancient days contributed a lot more to human society than now. They were considered to be an essential and beneficial component in people’s daily lives. Historical evidence reveals that herbal research was carried out even during those times.

Using plants for cosmetics and medicinal purposes is as old as our civilization. We need to go forward with herbal technology and cultivate herbs to ensure their availability for future generations. In present times people are exposed to various chemical cosmetics which are not always “magic bullets” as they believe and may carry serious side effects. Herbalists advocate that the body gets cleansed and purified when herbs are used the right way.

RND Herbals which was established in the year 2006 has come out with a range of herbal cosmetics under the name Adishi, and we firmly uphold the efficacy of using pure herbs based on state-of-the-art cosmetic technology.

Textiles impregnated with selected herbs provided a novel area of research termed ‘cosmetotextile’. Cosmetotextile is a technology merging cosmetics and textiles through the process of micro-encapsulation. Cosmetotextiles are impregnated with a finish composed of solid microcapsules, each holding a specific amount of cosmetic substance meant to be released totally and instantly on the human body.

Masks infused with herbs are one of our products. Our team of herbal scientists designed, developed and fabricated textile based herbal cosmetic products. These products are effective and safe on our skin. Adishi’s masks are cosmetotextile and 100% herbal products. They never cause skin infection, inflammation or irritation.

Our herbal cosmetics which are used in conjunction with the masks or independently, are also produced from pure, fine milled herbs. They can be used effectively with hard and soft water. Adishi products are customized for all skin types after continuous and meticulous research in our Research and Development Centre.

Our research team of thorough professionals has many years of experience in herbal technology. We also have the ability to deliver consignments within a conditional time frame. We have the capability to supply large orders as well. Our manufacturing unit has state-of-the-art machinery aimed to accelerate production pace and intensify the quality of our herbal products.

Our products are created using the best grade herbal raw materials. Our advanced methods of production ensure the products’ excellent performance. We are extremely confident that our products will meet the specifications of our customers.